High Kicks

Did I mention dad’s actually being fitted for a ninja uniform? Seriously. He had to send in his measurements and everything! Yes, the videoshoot for Inner Ninja is only days away… time to start working on your high kicks, dad! HI-YA!


Inner Ninja

Prince George, BC – Osoyoos, BC: We just completed a handful of HUGE driving days – travelling from the coast all the way inland to BC’s northern capital, and then all the way down to the American border (putting more than 1500 clicks on the odometer and a handful of fresh crumbs all over the upholstery). When I wasn’t napping, I practised moving my newly-discovered fingers (“Did you see that? It moved. I swear!”) And when dad wasn’t driving, he was getting in touch with his Inner Ninja. Yup, that’s the name of a new song he co-wrote with Canada’s favourite rapper: Classified. It was released this week as a way to get fans excited for Classified’s upcoming album. It’s been amazing watching the track pick-up steam, especially considering what an unlikely duo dad and Classified are! I’d love to see the photo shoot where they swap wardrobes… but dad says once you get past the superficial stuff, they actually have a lot in common. And more importantly, they love making music together! Who would’ve guessed it?

The Other Coast

Kitimat, BC – Prince Rupert, BC: You know you’re in British Columbia when there’s a book called “The Teaching of Buddha” in the bedside table at your hotel, and no Bible. There’s also a pillow menu (your options: Japanese Memory Foam Pillow, Chrysanthemum Pillow, Buckwheat Pillow or Polished Jade Disc Pillow.) Yes, we’re living large on the West Coast. I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time today – watched a seal bobbing in the harbour, and marvelled at the crazy-looking starfish with a million fat tentacles. Nice to smell salt in the air again. It’s official: we’ve made it to the other coast!

North of 55

Quesnel, BC – Burns Lake, BC – Smithers, BC – Terrace, BC: It’s been an incredible few days along the Yellowhead Highway. The scenery changes so dramatically from one turn to the next up here (and, yes, we’ve had to learn how to use the steering wheel again after all those flat, Prairie stretches!) First there was ranch country – with horses grazing in front of cozy log cabins. Then there were the hills of frosted evergreens; and finally, the mighty snow-capped mountains, shrouded in clouds. We’ve seen lots of eagles and deer, and today we even passed a grizzled coyote, trotting along the side of the highway. One of my favourite sightings had to be the sign for Fort St. James advertising “World Class Chicken Racing”. By my calculations, we’ve already made it past the 55th parallel – back home that would put us in line with Northern Labrador! We’re so close to the Yukon I can smell it. And the endless roadtrip continues…


Golden, BC: Way to make a girl feel welcome! We showed up in the glittering town of Golden to find this message on the marquee at the civic centre:

What a feeling to see my name up there! In the end, I was still a bit too shy to show my face on stage that night. But the band is working on a plan for my eventual debut. Here’s the pitch: dad holds me up under the spotlight, centre-stage, while the boys play the theme song to The Lion King. Not bad eh? Although I’m not so sure mom’s going to go for that…


I have one more thing to say before we officially leave Saskatchewan behind:
(Yes, I’ve officially stated my allegiance. And many thanks to the fine people of Yorkton for taking me on my first trip to Riderville with this sweet poncho…)

Goodbye Big Sky

Yorkton, SK – Swift Current, SK: After 18 shows, it’s time to say goodbye to Saskatchewan. At this point, we’ve criss-crossed the province a few times, and I can honestly say the scenery never gets old. The flat, flat, fields, and enormous sky. Beautiful lakes covered in migrating birds. The wind-blown barns and massive grain elevators. The highlight? Dropping off the edge of the Prairies, into the amazing Qu’Appelle valley with its Dr. Seuss hills. Wish I’d taken more photos. But, alas, it’s time to say goodbye to fair Saskatchewan… and hello to beautiful British Columbia!