Sexy, Silly, or Sacred?

Dad’s about to embark on his annual Singing for Supper tour to raise donations for New Brunswick’s foodbanks. The big dilemma? Choosing the Christmas carols to include in the holiday set! It’s a surprisingly difficult task. There seem to be three types: traditional, religious songs (Silent Night), fun-loving kids songs (Frosty), and then there are the turtleneck-wearing, eggnog-drinking crooner numbers (Chestnuts Roasting). Some tunes blur the lines too: have you ever heard Lou Rawls sing Little Drummer Boy? A bit too steamy for these infant ears! So what’s a guy to do? Go sexy, silly, or sacred?


2 thoughts on “Sexy, Silly, or Sacred?

  1. nona silvia

    Well Maria, your Nona who can’t sing at all tried to teach your dad the French Christmas song: Petit papa Noel, quand tu reviendra du ciel avec des jouets par millier, n’oublie pas mon petit soulier 🙂

  2. nona silvia

    By the way Maria, tell dad to check out Celine Dion’s version: I think he could do better that that 🙂


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