Smells Like Home

Fredericton, NB: Well, we’ve finally made it home to the Maritimes. I must admit, I’m a little sad the tour is over. It’s no wonder, really, as I’ve officially spent half my life on the road! A thirst for adventure seems to be in my blood. The moment I realized I’m the daughter of a true road warrior? It had to be when we walked into the Marriott hotel in Vancouver and dad said he could recognize the hotel chain by the smell in the lobby. We laughed, until the bellman confirmed it: turns out, they actually pump a Marriott scent into all of their buildings. Crazy, right?
Yes, it was a great trip. The perfect trip, really, if you don’t count the lost items (my bedtime book, Little Nutbrown Hare, mom’s hot water bottle, and dad’s long johns – all sorely missed.) My only regret? Not taking a daily snapshot of the weird and wonderful pictures on the hotel/motel room walls. There’s the pastoral, child-in-the-garden stuff, the ubiquitous, Manhattan skyline shots (especially strange in rural Saskatchewan), and the brightly-coloured abstract designs. But nothing tops the creatures-of-the-forest series… ah-WOOOOOooo!


One thought on “Smells Like Home

  1. Adam Lanto

    Hey Maria,
    I had a great time seeing you tonight at the bookstore. Hopefully next time I see you, you won’t be as sleepy and we can play.



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