Magic Mountain

Whistler, BC: It was a magical end to an epic tour. The boys pulled off what they called their best performance of the season, and then we got to wake up and ski/snowboard down some of the best terrain in the country. I stuck to the black diamond runs, mostly – and spent most of the day working on my 180 Encyclopedia Brown Triple Flip with an Inverted Nancy Drew Splatter Drop. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen dad look so happy. I guess he spent every spare moment in junior high on a snowboard, and he rarely gets to re-live the glory days; so spending a day on the mountain was pretty much the best possible reward for a job well done. You deserve it, dad! It’s been quite the ride. And I must say, our time in beautiful British Columbia did not disappoint – a postcard-worthy view around every corner…


2 thoughts on “Magic Mountain

  1. Carmel

    The end to a beautiful trip across the country! Thank you for sharing it with us. It was a thrilling ride!! So looking forward to having you three back home. Love, Nana


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