Good Fellas

Courtenay, BC – North Vancouver, BC: Good to have bandmates who are versatile. When Alan Jeffries and Kyle Cunjak signed up for the tour, we got more than just a couple of excellent musicians. When our car radiator blew on the road, Al took one look under the hood and knew exactly what was going on. Turns out, he’s a pretty decent mechanic! Helpful to have another dad along for the ride, too. Alan’s son Caleb is almost three years old, and while we’re off exploring the Canadian wilderness, he’s hanging out on a tropical beach, while his mom works as a biologist in Jamaica for the season. Needless to say, Alan’s missing them both like crazy. (Check out Caleb’s sweet blog… the inspiration for my own! And then there’s Kyle: the man with the sweetest moustache this side of the Rocky Mountains. When he’s not playing bass in a number of bands, or running a label and a music festival, he’s taking incredible photographs with cool, old-fashioned, film cameras (You’ll find some nice shots of our trip here: Kyle’s also a swimming fanatic – he recently became the Canadian correspondent for… and he takes the gig very seriously! Best road uncles a kid could ask for…


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