Last Lap

Vernon, BC – Surrey, BC – Coquitlam, BC: It’s hard to believe, but we’ve made it to the LAST week of the tour. I’m amazed at the pace these guys have been able to maintain! Playing a two-hour show every night takes some serious stamina. In some ways, spending most of the day in the car makes sense on a tour like this, because it forces everyone to kick it back a few notches – and conserve their energy. Dad employs a few other tricks as well; especially when it comes to protecting his voice:
1/ A cup of hot water at every meal instead of cold (a slice of lemon is a nice touch too…)
2/ Mini humidifier on the bedside table in the hotel room (very necessary inland, where you hang up a wet towel and it’s dry in an hour!)
3/ Humming exercises leading up to soundcheck (think: hound dog meets seal)
4/ The occasional square of dark chocolate to get the adrenalin going (make that three squares. Or maybe four.)
Touring has been amazing, but I must admit I felt a bit nostalgic when I saw this backstage at the Surrey Arts Centre!


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